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Back in August 2019, we decided we needed a last minute break. George had very limited holiday time left, but we were both overworked and in need of some rest and relaxation. Neither of us particularly wanted to be spending much time walking around, we had done a lot of sightseeing holidays, and we just needed a pure relax. No shame in that – sometimes that’s all we need from a holiday. I love to absorb culture as much as the next person, but sometimes what our body needs is a rest. So, with that in mind I began searching for something with the following criteria: four nights, Europe, adults only, relaxing, no guilt for not sightseeing. It took me a week of solid searching and then bingo, I found it. Let me introduce you to the Lango Hotel, in Kos – Greece.

Disclaimer: This entire stay, plane ride and food was all purchased by us. This is not a PR stay and no discounts were present on this trip.

We had a nice bit of budget to play with as I’d worked myself into the ground (as previously mentioned hence needing a break) so I didn’t mind spending that little bit more for this short break. I booked a room with a private pool out the back, and managed to get a cheap flight with Thomas Cook Airlines. I know of course sadly this is no longer an option, my heart sank for the employees of Thomas Cook when the news broke of it’s dissolvance – our one and only experience flying them was amazing. I realised afterward why the flight was so cheap. Plenty of other airlines fly to Kos from the UK though, so you will find another flight. 

Lango Hotel is in a place called Lambi Beach, right near Kos Town on the west side of the island. It’s so close to Turkey, you can see it across the bay! It’s actually only 2.5 miles away at it’s closest point, and the entrance of Lango Hotel looks directly to Turkey. It’s a beautiful view. Lango also has it’s own private bit of beach just across the road from the hotel out the front where you can relax for the day or the evening – Lambi beach is a lot busier and a bit more touristy, so this avoids that nicely. We actually only went over to the hotel beach each day in the evening for the sunset, as we preferred the ambience by the pool – but it’s worth noting every time we walked past there were only one or two guests on the whole beach. Bliss.

Lango has a central pool in the middle, and the apartment style rooms are dotted around. It’s a really small hotel, a boutique hotel, and it has this amazing feel of being like you’re just in a luxury large home. You never feel like the other guests are in the way, and it never feels crowded. You get plenty of space to yourself whilst simultaneously being in a fairly small and intimate hotel. I think because most of the rooms have their own private pools, a lot of guests choose to utilise that rather than sit by the communal pool. We alternated between our room and the communal pool, as the sun moved – and also as and when we wanted lunch! 

left: dinner at KOAN restaurant inside Lango Hotel
right: lunch delivered poolside

Food at the hotel is beautiful. The onsite restaurant was amazing. We dined in there the first night and it was absolutely stunning. It’s not traditional greek food, is the only thing to note – so if you’re after that taverna experience you won’t find it here. It’s an upscale modern cuisine, with fusions from many cultures. It’s absolutely stunning however, and well worth the price. It is more expensive than food in Lambi Beach or Kos Town, so bear that in mind. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there really aren’t many restaurants immediately nearby open for lunch. We found the lunch in the hotel to be very reasonably priced for a luxury resort – around £10 for a wrap/sandwich delivered to you poolside. We also enjoyed ice tea for 4 euros and they regularly top up the free bottled water in your bedroom, too.

left: lunch in the restaurant at Lango hotel
right: the breakfast buffet was incredible

The restaurant (but not the pool or pool service) can be booked for reservation for non-hotel guests too, if you are visiting Kos and want a fancy meal. We ate out a few times in our stay there, and found walking to Lambi beach (around 15 mins) or Kos Town (35 mins) very pleasant and enjoyable. You can get a taxi but I mean.. they run on greek time! They told us 50 mins for a taxi to Kos Town.. and we then saw it was only 35 min walk. Being from London.. we walked. Nothing beats that warm, cool Greek evening stroll anyway. 

my recommendation – Kapari restaurant in Kos Town for authentic, cheap meze

Two restaurants I can recommend for outside the hotel – one in Lambi Beach called Istros, which was lovely, cheap meze traditional greek food – and very close to the hotel. We also ate at another called Kapari which was our favourite of the two, but was a further walk away in Kos Town. We attempted to eat at this place called Broadway, which had the highest review on trip advisor, but it was far too busy and they turned us away. It looked amazing, though! 

Lango has this incredible vibe. It feels luxurious, but it’s not remotely pretentious. Staff are not rude, short mannered or arrogant – they are all smiley, welcoming and so friendly. They were so wonderful from the moment we checked in to the moment we checked out. We booked a treatment each at the spa, and they were not pushy in selling it to us at all, like we have experienced at other hotels. They were kind, knowledgeable and lovely. You can explore the small grounds of the hotel in peace, and they strike the perfect balance between leaving you alone enough poolside and remembering to ask you if you need another drink. We are absolutely blown away by the service. The best service we’ve ever had was at Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, which is widely regarded as one of the best hotels in the world. The service here felt just the same as that warm friendly American service. We felt at home the minute we got through the door. 

having our own private pool was an amazing touch!

The rooms are a lovely size. They leave enough room to put your suitcases (a pet hate of mine when there is not!) as well as enough room to sit comfortably on the sofa, or the bed. The patio we had also led out to a little sprudel pool for dipping, and it was more than enough to swim around in. George loved it. Our pool joined onto the next room, but it was unoccupied for our entire stay. It allowed us the freedom of the entire pool without encroaching on space. I actually think that the rooms perhaps stay unoccupied, unless the booking is for two families who know each other? That was the impression we got. So we felt very happy with our purchase as we had basically paid a bit less, but got our own private pool. 



our ‘deluxe suite with sharing pool’
On the first night, they had a little poolside screening of Dirty Dancing on a projector. This was something they did every week and it was so cute! A relaxing way for couples to enjoy a film on the evening. They also had a saxophonist by the pool one day which was gorgeous. The hotels emphasis is not on entertainment as such, but there is a nice bar. If you wanted a more lively evening, you could walk into Lambi beach where there were plenty of bars, clubs and karaoke bars… haha. We’re not really into that sort of vibe on holiday but we walked home past a karaoke bar when we had finished eating one night and the Brits in there yelling on the karaoke for the whole road to see was hysterical. It’s worth noting though.. Lango is well far enough away from Lambi beach to not pick up any noise pollution at all. You can sit outside at night and not hear a peep but the ocean. 

The hotel is still very new and it shows. It’s clean, fresh and feels so modern. I felt so lucky to experience it so new. I wonder how it will age over time, but it seemed to be designed with that in mind, a clean minimalist aesthetic that won’t show the test of time. The white still as crisp as the day it was painted. We loved our stay so much that we consistently talk about returning. We entered the hotel, two flustered, hot and bothered stressed out Londoners, our hair all frazzled, our skin dry and our eyes sallow from tiredness. We left – even after a short trip of four days – our skin golden, our face smiling, and our skin plump again from the rest and happiness we had experienced. Both George and I loved everything about this boutique independent hotel, and I’d recommend it hands down to everyone with the budget. 

Here’s a few tips for you that I think are worth noting for a trip to Kos:

  • The airport is very bad. Very, very, very bad. Arrive as close to your flight as possible (but prebook a trustworthy taxi well in advance!), eat before you get there and don’t expect to find a seat. Take a hand fan if you can. We had a delayed flight home and it was very hot and overcrowded in there. It was very awful. If you are travelling with kids (although remember the Lango specifically is an adults only hotel) bring snacks and water with you before going to the airport. It’s one of the worst airports I have *ever* seen. I don’t say that lightly.
  • On your arrival at the airport there may be few taxis leaving and a very large queue of Brits off the same plane as you. Offer to share with another couple going a similar way, we did this and it meant we could get to our resort quicker.
  • There is a small shop about 5 minutes from the Lango hotel. Pop to it and grab water and snacks for your room as there is no onsite shop at the hotel. Remember Greek opening times mean it’s often easier to do this in the evening. If you forget sunscreen, this is where you will find it.
  • There are a handful of things to sightsee in Kos, but overall it doesn’t have as much to see as neighbouring islands like Kefalonia, Crete or Rhodes. If you’re planning on going for more than a week and are a proper culture vulture – you might get bored. There are a couple of Roman and Greek ruins on the other side of the island, but the majority of their landmarks are their beautiful beaches. We chose Kos so we didn’t feel guilty for travelling so far and not missing too much. From Kos Town or Lambi Beach harbour it’s very cheap and easy to take a ferry to Bodrum in Turkey for a day trip, although we did not do that on this trip.

Overall I am thrilled to bits with the trip I booked – I felt it was worth every penny. It’s so rare these days that you feel that way sometimes when spending a lot of money, and I didn’t remotely feel short changed or upset with my booking. I know that should you stay here – you will too. I’d love to return as soon as we are able to!