Experiential Greek Flavours by Gikas Xenakis

July 25, 2019

The creative chef Gikas Xenakis will be at Lango Design Hotel & Spa −on the 4th and 5th of August− hosted by the chef of KOAN restaurant, Dimos Pitsis. Well-known for preparing regional Greek recipes with exquisite modern spins and seasonal ingredients, our Guest will recruit the fans of the restaurant and the new Greek cuisine into the act of multisensory enjoyment.

"What do my dreams taste like? All flavours in formidable balance."

If you do love as well, the harmony and balance of flavours, then you only need to follow him through an ever-evolving tasting menu to the roots of our culinary heritage.

Gikas Xenakis is passionate about the earthy tastiness, extracted from the most humble ingredients. With an admirable course at well-known restaurants such as Spondi, Breeze, Boschetto, he is the Head Chef at Aleria Restaurant since 2012, having won the Greek Cuisine Award in 2014. This summer he is visiting Kos island for the first time to create dishes that define the modern, eclectic aesthetics and bring back warm memories of home cooked goodness.

Sometimes minimal and sometimes sophisticated, the modern Greek cuisine placed in the hands of Gikas Xenakis attains a soul confined within the wealth of textures and colours, meaningful and well-measured. If you do value gastronomy as being a sort of art, get ready for a special show of flavours adornished with an inspiring aromatic depth that will stimulate your senses with every bite. 

Due to the limited number of seats a reservation is required.


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