The chef Tasos Mantis at the 2nd Culinary Artisan Event

August 6, 2019

Few days before the 2nd gastronomic event at the Lango Design Hotel & Spa −1 and 2 September− we visited our new Guest, the well-known chef Tasos Mantis, to tease out any secret related to the degustation menu he is preparing for the Koan restaurant.

Known for his passion for raw materials grown on the Greek land and for imaginative combinations, the chef will cook with products grown in his own garden seasoning this way a splendid 7-course degustation menu for the Guests and visitors of the KOAN restaurant.

Tasos Mantis has been recognised for his talent and creativity from his early steps to internationally acclaimed restaurants, such as the Hof Van Cleve in Belgium (3 Michelin stars), the Geranium in Copenhagen (3 Michelin stars), and the Frantzén in Stockholm (3 Michelin stars). He has spent the last few years as head chef at the Hytra restaurant in Athens retaining the Michelin star and inspiring a marvelous gastronomic choreography.

Having perfected his craft within an admirable international spectrum, he returned back to his homeland so as to serve his favourite terms "sustainability", "herbalism", and "farm-to-table" and raise the rich cultural heritage of Greek cuisine to a gastronomic success story. The chef's garden in Alepochori village, the extension of his kitchen, has contributed vastly to his efforts, since scarce herbs, fresh vegetables, and edible flowers are grown in a natural and sustainable way.

Here is what the famous chef shared directly with us:

What's the uniqueness of this menu?

This is a creative menu shaped and structured as a holistic gastronomic experience, from the plantation of the seed to the flourishing of a unique tasting memory served to our guests. The ingredients used will be picked straight from my garden, including herbs and edible flowers that one rarely finds in Greece.


Which ingredient has attracted your interest?

Hyssop and Salvia. These two are highly aromatic herbs, which I often use in my recipes.


Why have you chosen to cook Greek cuisine?

Following my work experience in the Hof Van Cleve restaurant in Belgium and after returning to Greece, I tried to find producers that could help me structure a menu based on the richness of the Greek land. That was a project I was actually attempting for the first time. With hard work and excellent cooperation with small producers and suppliers, we managed to present a menu prepared exclusively with Greek products from all over the country.


Which ingredient or raw material do you currently consider overestimated?

To my view, there are no overvalued ingredients. Each and every one of them owns a characteristic aroma and a distinctive flavour that it lavishly offers to depend on its use. It is important to understand the functionality of the products and then to use them accordingly.


Can you share with us any culinary secret of yours?

The truth is that I do not keep secrets. I try to share and convey my knowledge the best way I can.


What about your favourite dish?

I don't really have a favourite dish. I enjoy searching constantly for new products.


High gastronomy is luxury or culture?

To my view, the elements that define the gastronomy of our country are the luxury and the richness of the Greek earth.

If you are interested to meet this unique chef and take great delight in sophisticated and refined tastes, then you need to join us at the Koan Restaurant, on the 1st and/or the 2nd of September for an exquisite degustation evening, perfectly framed in an ambience of great aesthetic with picture-perfect views to the beautiful sunset and the Lambi beach.


Due to the limited number of seats a reservation is required.


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