The Essence of Life at Lango

May 24, 2024

Lango Design Hotel & Spa, the 5-star Adults Only boutique hotel on the enchanting island of Kos, conducted a stunning photoshoot and videoshoot to welcome the summer season. Renowned hotel photographer Vangelis Paterakis, known for his exceptional ability to capture the essence of luxury hospitality, led the photography. The highlight of this endeavor was the creation of an enchanting video titled "The Essence of Life."

Lango Design Hotel & Spa is depicted not just as a place to stay, but as a destination where luxury meets simplicity, and where guests can truly unwind and reconnect with nature. The video captures the essence of the hotel's unique ambiance, highlighting its sophisticated decor, revitalizing spa experiences, exquisite dining options, and the serene beauty of the island of Kos.

Trésor Hospitality expertly directed the concept and creative direction for both the photo and video shoot. Their visionary approach ensured that every shot and frame resonated with the hotel's ethos of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

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