Weekly Events


Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea constitutes a specialty of Lango Design Hotel and Spa and what better place to enjoy it than in the elegant atmosphere of our Koan restaurant every Tuesday and Thursday, from 16.00 to 18.00. Combining perfectly the great British tradition with our high-quality local herbs of the magical island of Hippocrates, therapeutic for health and not only, our afternoon tea in Koan is served the traditional way using the finest loose-leaf teas, strained to your personal taste along with delicious pastries. For that extra touch of indulgence, just add a glass of Champagne. You can book your seat by speaking with a member of our service team or you can contact us on +302242049000 or via e-mail at res@langohotel.com

Price: 15.00-euro p.p.


Wine Tasting

Let’s discover the magical world of wine coupled with finger food delicacies. What a better idea than tasting unique wines by enriching your understanding of the island’s viniculture, geology, and climate and by pairing them with local delicacies? Explore our thoughtfully selected wines and embark on a wine tasting journey every Sunday at 13.00pm for 70 minutes.

Price: 30euro p.p, up to 6 people


Piano and Voice

Lango Hotel Design & Spa is once again ready to travel guests and visitors into the magical world of piano with voice. Lango will offer you an elegant, intimate ambiance that allows you to really relax with the Piano Wednesdays during sunset time. Piano nights will be held every Wednesday approximately 19.00 to 21.00pm. The time is indicative since the event is scheduled to take place during sunset.

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