Kos Island - At a Glance

July 10, 2019

Kos island is the third largest in the Dodecanese complex of islands and your selected destination for witnessing a truly great diversity of accommodation styles and services. Whether you are a fan of partying, an admirer of nature or a classic romantic...Kos island will fulfill your expectations either way.

A thousand stories have been told for its amazing sceneries. Nothing compares to an afternoon bicycle ride along the palm tree boulevard of Leoforos Finikon or to the scent emitted by the cedar trees as you get ready for a plunge in the island’s crystal clear waters of Psilos Gremos beach. Who could resist a feast to the culinary “arts” streaming from the East in the tavernas of Platani village? Who wouldn’t like to stand under the Tree of Hippocrates and feel like one of his pupils for an instant?

For the past few years, Kos island has been on an ongoing process of liberating its reputation from connoting to resorts designated only for north European tourists. The numerous large and luxurious hotels & resorts, have become more open to the local society and have started to create bonds with the island’s historical and cultural values in order to appeal further to Greek visitors too. Apart from its extremely diverse choice of accommodation, Kos island presents a long list of sandy beaches with water sport amenities, numerous picturesque villages with blooming gardens, countless points of interesting sightseeing, such as antiquities and castles and, of course, a rich variety of places for lunching, dinning and clubbing.

For tourists and visitors keen to explore the ancient Greek monuments, Kos island is indeed one of the best destinations where the parallel strong influences from Italy and Minor Asia will be equally noticeable and intriguing. The areas of Asklipio and Old Pili, as well as the Castles of Nerantzia and Antimachia are worthy of your visit.

Then again, if your main aim is to relax and have the “amazing Greek holiday by the beach”, Kos island will not disappoint you in that respect either. The island offers a wide range of adorable beaches, whether you are into the crowded and well organized ones or into the more outlandish, exotic ones. All you need is a car and a vivid spirit of exploration!

The capital

‘picture perfect’ town that will be imprinted in your hearts and minds as you approach the island by boat. An amalgam of Italian finesse, palm trees, colonial style housing and castles, in combination with modern buildings, beautifully preserved Greek neoclassical houses, mosques and minarets, bazaars and antiquities...An island town that truly has it all. It will amaze you with its numerous points of interest in every direction. A town that you will enjoy exploring through long promenades or through a series of ‘thrilling’ bicycle rides! After all, this is what the endless bicycle lanes were created for.

The villages

Village Kefalos bears a long history as it used to be the first capital of the island of Kos. You will probably come across it as you approach the hill on your way to the beaches at the southern side and you will be amused by walking in its picturesque narrow alleys.

Pili village is located in the heart of the island and a bit further to the south you will discover Andimachiavillage. Both villages are worthy of your visit, especially if you are interested in ancient Greek sites and Byzantine ruins (Pili) as well as watermill spotting and Venetian Castles (Antimachia).

On the other hand, if you want to maintain your laid back holiday mood, then the villages of Tigaki and Marmari at the western side of the island will fulfil your zeal for fun times and top food.

For incredible views to the nearby islands and the Turkish west coast, head up to the slopes of the mountain where Zia village will be willing to share with you the hospitality of its inhabitants, the beauty of its white microcosm and its gurgling springs for crystal clear potable water.

Platani village or Kermetes - as it is otherwise called - constitutes the old Turkish settlement where you should head to for an acquaintance with Turkish and Asia Minor gastronomy in any of its numerous tavernas.  

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