5 Travel Attractions

July 10, 2019


The Old Town via a promenade that will have Eleftherias square as its starting point and Apellou street as a finishing point. On your way back, head towards the Ancient Agora and the island’s port.


The exact spot where Hippocrates –the father of medicine- began to teach his pupils the art of medicine. Nowadays called the Tree of Hippocrates, it is the largest plane / platane tree in Europe. At walking distance, you will also come across the Hippocrates Botanical Garden where you will discover the rich flora of pharmaceutical herbs that the father of medicine used in his practice. At 4 km southwest from Kos town you will find the ancient monument of Asklipio which depicts the considerably important ancient Medical School of Hippocrates dating back to 2nd century BC.    


The beach of Thermes, situated at 10 km south of Kos town. It is a pebbly beach with characteristic dark volcanic pebbles and warm seawater due to the hot mineral water springs nearby. The temperature of the water reaches 40-45 degrees Celsius and contains high quantities of ions that cure rheumatism and arthritis.


The busiest beaches of Kos island are Tigaki, Kardamena, Marmari and Mastichari. For water sports and wind surfing head to Tam Tam beach near Mastichari. In case your peace of mind is a priority then choose the quieter beaches of Agios Stefanos, Chelona and Agios Theologos.


Casa Romana where the Roman touch is intensely apparent. Known to be the house of an Italian commander, it is still well preserved and you will find a great interest in the 3 internal courtyards with atriums and its beautiful floors decorated with elaborate mosaics dating back to the 3rd Century AD.

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