Autumn on Kos Island

September 12, 2022

Nestled right opposite to the coast of Turkey, in the heart of the Aegean archipelago, Kos is a genuine Greek island that belongs to the Dodecanese Island complex. It effortlessly blends the old with the new, boasting dozens of easy-to-reach beaches, several historical landmarks, lush vegetation, golden sand beaches and heavenly crystal clear waters attracting more than a million visitors every year. 

Kos is a Greek island where you can craft your own holidays. A relaxing destination offering an exclusive range of beaches, countless activities, and several cultural opportunities for all travelers. A place where you can relax, party, and indulge yourself in an exclusive summery repose.

Although a summer destination, Kos Island remains alive until November as the visitors love to travel to Greek islands after the loud crowded summer period. Under this umbrella, there are several things a visitor can do in Kos during autumn when the weather and conditions are ideal for a visitor who wants to spend his time not only on the beach but also strolling around and enjoying the vibe of the island.

Beyond the popular attractions and historical monuments that are practically everywhere in Kos, the visitors can also plan some outdoor activities on offer: from cycling, mountain biking, water sports, windsurfing, and kite surfing, to horseback riding, wine tasting, and scuba diving.

Some other fun and interesting things to do could be a full-day jeep safari, going on a boat tour to explore the sea bottom, go-karts, tennis, mini soccer, mini golf, or bowling, taking a train city tour, or even watching a movie under the stars at the island’s open-air cinema.

On the other hand, if you are a nature lover and seeking new experiences, now is your time to shine. Whether you are a laid-back traveler or an adrenaline seeker, Kos offers the opportunity to appreciate the island’s natural landscape from up close. Discover the countless ways to get in touch with nature and catch some fresh air.

You may even learn something new about the island, the world, or...yourself!

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